Series 2100 Hydrant Security Check Valve
Series 2100 Hydrant Security Check Valve

Product Description

The Series 2100 Hydrant Security Check Valve is the solution to securing all makes and models of fire hydrants in your system against. The check valve is equipped with MJ x Solid Gland ends. It connects easily to the MJ shoe of the fire hydrant and is restrained.

The check valve is independent of the hydrant shoe. Therefore, it can be installed on all hydrants in inventory or even those previously in service. Unlike units that are integral to the fire hydrant, you can reuse the Series 2100 Security Check Valve should the need arise.

Standard Features:

  • Proven reliable check valve design
  • Works with all fire hydrants
  • Independent of the hydrant
  • 250 psig rated working pressure
  • Product is Certified to NSF 61
  • Ductile iron body, bonnet and disc
  • All body to bonnet fasteners are Type 304 stainless steel
  • The body and cover are fusion-bonded epoxy coated inside and outside
  • Only one moving part
  • No O-Rings, packing, pins, bushings or bearings to wear out
  • Zero leakage at pressures above 5 psig
  • The 100% unobstructed flow area is free of pockets that can trap debris

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