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AMERICAN Introduces
Zinc Coated Ductile Iron Pipe

AMERICAN is proud to introduce the latest advancement in corrosion control for iron pipe, zinc coating. Zinc has been used to extend the life of iron pipe for more than 50 years. Internationally, this advanced coating system has been used to protect millions of feet of cast and ductile iron pipe in corrosive environments.

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making giant leaps
in innovation

At AMERICAN, we have a few firsts of our own that prove why we’re the leading manufacturer of gate valves. The AMERICAN Flow Control Series 2500 Gate Valve has long set a high standard for quality, performance and innovation. It was the first AWWA C515 ductile iron gate valve produced in the United States. And it’s the first gate valve available with the AMERICAN Flex-Ring® boltless restrained joint. Now your valve can have the same restrained joint as your pipe. In sizes up to 66”, for large municipalities, rural markets and those in between, we make our products the right way. Because that’s the AMERICAN way.

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The only thing stronger than our products is our word.

The Right Way isn't just a tagline. It's a promise. A promise that means we'll be there for you no matter what. Because around here, the right way is the only way. And that's the AMERICAN way.

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There isn’t a shortcut
out there we know
the directions to.

Taking pride in our work means taking the time to do it right. And that commitment to excellence is reflected in each of the products we proudly produce.