8-Captivater image

keep your liquid assets
safe and secure

It's not just water. It's a city's lifeline. Keeping water in and intruders out, that's why there's the Captivater - only from AMERICAN Flow Control. The Captivater is easy to install, easy to remove, fits any hydrant without modification and is virtually unnoticeable to the untrained eye. Simply put - it's hydrant security the right way.

Amarillo Gaskets image

Fast-Grip Gaskets

AMERICAN has been in the business of bright ideas for over 110 years. The bright yellow Amarillo Fast-Grip gasket is just the latest example of a water works innovation that benefits our customers and the public. Designed to the same specifications as the previous generation of Fast-Grips, the Amarillo model gives you added confidence that you’ve selected the proper gasket for the Fastite bell, that the gasket seated properly during installation and that it’s an AMERICAN product – made in America, The Right Way.

1-The only thing stronger... image

The only thing stronger than our products is our word.

The Right Way isn't just a tagline. It's a promise. A promise that means we'll be there for you no matter what. Because around here, the right way is the only way. And that's the AMERICAN way.

2-There isn’t a shortcut... image

There isn’t a shortcut
out there we know
the directions to.

Taking pride in our work means taking the time to do it right. And that commitment to excellence is reflected in each of the products we proudly produce.