Right Career

The Right Career

A talented and diverse workforce keeps the AMERICAN engine going strong. Career opportunities occur throughout the company's seven divisions: Engineering, Finance (includes Information Services), Human Resources, Manufacturing, Sales, Supply Chain Management and Technical. The Manufacturing Division, at the heart of operations, also presents opportunities in entry-level production, skilled crafts, apprenticeships and supervision.

View our current job listings or call the AMERICAN Job Line at (205) 325-8010.

Once you join the AMERICAN team, internal job bidding systems can open new doors and pathways. And, our Eagan College on-site training program helps employees increase their skills, knowledge and leadership ability. The tuition reimbursement policy is yet another way AMERICAN helps motivated employees learn and grow.

All Divisions

Depending on active job vacancies, areas of opportunity may include, but are not limited to:

  • business operations
  • communications
  • customer service
  • drafting
  • environmental compliance and stewardship
  • facilities and equipment design
  • finance and accounting
  • human resources and benefits administration
  • information technology and services
  • logistics
  • manufacturing
  • metallurgy
  • process control
  • production planning and inventory management
  • purchasing
  • quality assurance
  • research and product development
  • safety and industrial hygiene
  • sales and marketing
  • sales engineer
  • supply chain
  • systems programming
  • technical services

Manufacturing Division

  • Entry-level production jobs – In Ductile Iron Pipe and Melting departments. Check current job listings here.
  • Skilled craft positions – Such as: electrician, maintenance mechanic, machinist, HVAC technician and plumber.
  • Apprentices – The apprentice program prepares candidates for skilled craft job opportunities through on-the-job training and academic study. AMERICAN employees are eligible to self-select for the program after completing their first six months of employment. Some benefits of joining the apprentice program include the potential to: achieve higher pay rates faster; opportunities based on skills, not seniority; job variety; challenging and rewarding work; and enhanced job security. The trade skills you develop will be with you for a lifetime.
  • Supervisory positions – Including a variety of leadership levels starting with leadman. AMERICAN’s supervisory assessment program evaluates a candidate’s readiness and guides the way to additional development as needed.

Strength in diversity

AMERICAN is a diverse company – our work force, the career opportunities we provide, the global markets we serve, the product lines we manufacture. AMERICAN values the diversity of its people and is committed to fostering a positive and productive work environment that enriches lives. In keeping with the philosophy on which our company was founded, it is the right thing to do: to treat every individual with respect, to value different perspectives and to encourage individual growth and achievement. We recognize our diversity is what makes us strong and ensures our continued success.


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