Series 2800A for AsbestosCement AC Pipe
Series 2800-A for Asbestos-Cement (A-C) Pipe

Product Description

AMERICAN offers ductile iron tapping sleeves in sizes 4″ × 4″ through 24″ × 24″. AMERICAN tapping sleeves are designed to provide an efficient means of connecting branch piping to existing lines.

The Series 2800 is available in sizes 4″ × 4″ through 24″ × 24″ and 4″ × 4″ through 12″ × 12″ with mechanical joint ends for use on AC pipe.

Series 2800 sleeves feature full-length, heavy-duty ductile iron construction for durability and strength. Their compact construction makes them lighter and easier to handle. (Because they are made of ductile iron they have twice the strength of cast iron sleeves.)

It is recommended that the tapping sleeve and tapping valve be manufactured by the same manufacturer to assure the proper fit of the alignment ring on the tapping valve with the recess on the tapping sleeve.

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