Mechanical Joint Gaskets
Mechanical Joint Gaskets

Product Description

AMERICAN innovation led to the development of the mechanical joint in 1921.

Plain rubber gaskets of SBR are normally used for water and domestic sewage service. Fabric-tipped plain rubber gaskets are available, as well as other special gaskets such as oil-resistant rubber.

Plain rubber gaskets or tipped gaskets are used for air or liquid temperatures up to 150° F. For applications involving temperatures in excess of 150° F, or for other special service applications, and for installations in contaminated soils where permeation through gaskets might be a concern, consult AMERICAN for recommendations.

Standard joint accessories furnished with mechanical joint pipe and fittings include ductile iron glands, low-alloy steel tee head bolts with hex nuts, and plain rubber gaskets. The cost of these accessories may or may not be included in the price of the pipe or fittings, so confirm with your AMERICAN representative.

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