Fastite Conductive Gaskets
Fastite Conductive Gaskets Fastite

Product Description

For cold climates where electrical thawing of service connections is required, metal contact strips are molded into the Fastite gasket, providing a “built-in” contact that will carry the necessary current between the socket and the pipe end. Under compression, the rubber gasket forces the contact strips firmly against the metal surfaces. This design assures an enclosed and protected contact that remains effective against expansion, contraction or future movement of the joint. Special preparation of the pipe sockets and plain ends is required when using conductive gaskets. Instructions are outlined on each can of AMERICAN Fastite joint lubricant. The Fastite joint conductive gasket is satisfactory for transmission of electrical current up to 600 amps.

Other types of joint bonding are used to provide electrical conductivity across joints for low voltage/current requirements applications.

A protective coating is applied to the sockets and beveled ends of Fastite conductive joint pipe prior to shipment to protect the gasket seating surfaces during transportation and storage prior to assembly.

Note: Fastite conductive gaskets should not be used with Fastite restrained plugs. Some sizes of Fastite pipes may not be suitable for use with conductive gaskets – please consult AMERICAN.

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