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Product Description

AMERICAN furnishes a line of 16"-48" Flex-Ring fittings that meet the applicable requirements of AWWA C110 or C153, depending on diameter and configuration. These fittings employ the standard Fastite or Fast-Grip gasket seal, and the joints meet the applicable requirements of AWWA C111. Many of these fittings are not specifically listed in the AWWA standards because of joints, outlets or other variations, and as such are designated as “AMERICAN Standard.”

Flex-Ring fittings are boltless and use the standard Fastite gasket for joint sealing. Additionally, field-adaptable joint restraint is available for 14"-36" Flex-Ring pipe or fittings by use of AMERICAN’s Field Flex-Rings.

Flex-Ring fittings are furnished of only ductile iron. They are normally furnished complete with standard Fastite plain rubber gaskets and a sufficient supply of Fastite joint lubricant.

Flex-Ring fittings are normally furnished with standard cement lining in accordance with AWWA C104 and with a standard asphaltic coating on the outside. For special conditions, other types of coatings and linings may be available.

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