Standard Asphaltic Coating
Standard Asphaltic Coating

Product Description

AMERICAN furnishes most pipe and fittings with an exterior asphaltic coating approximately 1 mil thick per AWWA C151 for ductile iron pipe, AWWA C115 for flanged pipe and AWWA C110 and C153 for fittings.

All across the United States ductile iron and gray iron pipe and fittings with this standard coating have provided trouble-free service for decades. Unless otherwise specified, an asphaltic coating is applied to the outside of all pipe and fittings manufactured by AMERICAN.

The asphaltic coating works in conjunction with manufacturing annealing scale to provide a barrier to corrosion. If soils are deemed to be corrosive to ductile iron pipe when evaluated in accordance with the Design Decision Model™ (DDM1) or Appendix A of AWWA C105, then polyethylene wrap or other appropriate methods should be used.

Asphaltic coating is not compatible with most topcoats. In above-ground applications, both interior and exterior, AMERICAN recommends Wasser FerroClad moisture-cured urethane primer, which is well suited for most applications, including where the generic topcoats or end uses may not be known.

1 DDM (Design Decision Model) developed jointly by Corrpro Companies Inc. and the Ductile Iron Pipe Research Association. See this website, or for details.

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