Water Treatment Plants

There are thousands of water treatment plants in the United States, each of which is designed to remove bacteria, chemicals and suspended particles from water piped in from surface and underground sources. From water valves to ductile iron and spiral-welded steel pipe, AMERICAN products play a major role in these facilities.

Plant designs vary based on different criteria, but basic water treatment usually includes coagulation, where chemicals added to the water form sticky particles called “floc” that attract dirt particles. The water is then sent to a sedimentation pond where the combined weight of the dirt and floc causes it to sink, preparing the rest of the water to be filtered. After filtration, a small amount of chlorine or other disinfection agent is used to kill bacteria or other microorganisms that might remain. The water is then sent to a storage tank or is directly piped to homes and businesses. Some of the more recent innovations in water treatment include disinfection through the use of ozone, ultraviolet light, hydrogen peroxide and solar rays.

For managing water flow, plant owners often turn to AMERICAN valves and ductile iron pipe. AMERICAN flanged ductile iron pipe with Wasser FerroClad Primer, which is highly adaptable and strong, is ideally suited for interior plant piping requirements. Flanged Toruseal gaskets provide a bottle-tight connection that is even more secure than those provided by standard flat gaskets. Flanged ductile iron pipe also is popular for aboveground applications outside treatment plants.

AMERICAN restrained-joint ductile iron pipe and resilient wedge gate valves are frequently chosen for use in both transmission and distribution lines in water systems. In addition, AMERICAN manufactures spiral-welded steel water pipe that is standards-compliant for larger-diameter water applications.

The additional joint deflection offered by AMERICAN’s exclusive boltless Flex-Ring joint is ideal for pipe and valve installations in and around structures and loaded tanks often found in water treatment plants. Whether utilizing AMERICAN’s restrained joint ductile iron pipe and gate valves or spiral-welded steel water pipe, the integrity of pressurized water lines is ensured.

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