Water Distribution

Water distribution mains convey treated water from storage reservoirs or larger transmission lines to commercial and residential users. Distribution lines in the streets of a subdivision are in the 16-inch to 6-inch size range, and may be as small as 4 inches at the end of a system.

AMERICAN pioneered a major improvement in distribution piping in 1923 by developing cement-mortar lining for iron pipe. Cement-mortar lining ensures a smooth pipe wall for the entire life of iron pipelines, which is often more than 100 years. This smooth pipe wall and iron pipe’s larger diameter, when compared with PVC and polyethylene, provide lower pumping costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Life cycle costs for an iron system are by far the best value.

It is estimated that the drinking water infrastructure in the United States includes more than 700,000 miles of piping. Most of that is iron pipe, and much of that was manufactured by AMERICAN, which has been a major supplier of iron pipe for more than 100 years. In addition, AMERICAN supplies spiral-welded steel pipe for transmission mains from 66 to 144 inches in diameter, and gate valves up to 66 inches in diameter.

AMERICAN ductile iron pipe’s durability allows it to withstand the rigors of installation, and its strength is superior to other materials when it comes to handling internal pressures and external loads. It is well established that, once installed, AMERICAN ductile iron pipe lasts for generations.

Ductile iron distribution lines are easily and dependably tapped, a benefit not as common with PVC, which has been known to split in those applications.

AMERICAN is also a major manufacturer of gate and check valves, fire hydrants, tapping saddles, tapping sleeves and fittings for water distribution systems. In particular, American-Darling and Waterous hydrants, along with AMERICAN’s 2500 Series resilient seated gate valves, provide safe and reliable flow control and fire protection for millions of Americans in their homes and neighborhoods from coast to coast.

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