Pump Stations

Pumping stations, also known as lift stations, are designed to handle raw sewage when it cannot be moved by gravity lines. Gravity sewer lines collect sewage at its source and carry it at a downward slope so liquid flows through them by gravity. Gravity lines deposit sewage in an underground pit, or wet well, equipped with electrical instrumentation to detect the level of sewage present. When the sewage rises to a certain level, a pump starts and lifts the sewage up to a higher gravity line or through a pressurized force main pipe system. The force main carries sewage to its destination, which is usually a treatment plant.

AMERICAN is the nation’s premier manufacturer of products for wastewater pump stations because of its line of ductile iron pipe, gate and check valves and spiral-welded steel pipe in a wide variety of joints including flanged. The additional joint deflection offered by AMERICAN’s exclusive boltless Flex-Ring joint is ideal for pipe and valve installations in and around pump station structures and loaded tanks.

Pump stations don’t usually require such large diameters, but if they do, AMERICAN’s spiral-welded steel pipe features several joint options to best meet those particular situations.

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