Defense and Aerospace

Since AMERICAN was begun in 1905, the company has been a consistent innovator in the industries it serves – and then some.

During World War II, for example, the company’s production was totally overhauled and devoted strictly to supporting the war effort. In addition to shipping pipe to military bases throughout the nation, AMERICAN produced cast-steel liners for tank engines, centrifugally cast ship shafts for the Navy and thousands of centrifugally cast parts for B-24 bomber landing gears, combat vehicle flanges and other machine parts.

This war-time castings-based manufacturing led to the creation of AMERICAN Centrifugal, a separate division that produced specialized products on a per-order basis.

In later years, AMERICAN Centrifugal produced the hold-down column pedestals that supported the space shuttle and its solid rocket boosters – a weight of more than 4 million pounds.

Major product innovations from AMERICAN include cement-lined iron pipe (1923), an industry standard mechanical joint (1946), the lead role in the development of ductile iron pipe (circa 1950), and the subsequent development of large-diameter ductile iron pipe.

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