Dredging operations are excavations that are done underwater or at least partly underwater. Generally speaking, dredging equipment scrapes or vacuums material, collects it, and redirects it to another location.

For example, dredging can be done to replenish sand on beaches that have been depleted by storms or natural erosion. It also can produce materials for land reclamation projects, or to clean trash and debris from the bottom of ports.

Dredging relies on strong, abrasion-resistant pipe to convey materials or minerals that have been mixed with water.

AMERICAN manufactures abrasion-resistant steel pipe in sizes ranging from 12 3/4-inch to 24-inch outside diameters to meet slurry and dredging pipeline needs. A single joint of pipe can be manufactured up to 100 feet in length with no mid-welds and with beveled or plain ends.

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