AMERICAN Cast Iron Pipe Company’s California Supply Chain Act Disclosures

AMERICAN is required by the California Transparency in Supply Chain Act to disclose its efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from direct supply chains. These disclosures ensure that customers are educated on how to purchase goods produced by companies that responsibly manage their supply chains. AMERICAN has been and continues to be committed to taking steps to ensure that it does not do business with suppliers involved in illegal and unethical activities. We are committed to fair labor practices in our supply chain.

AMERICAN contracts with a third party, eCustoms, to screen potential suppliers and verify that they are not on a government restricted party or denied party list. This screening identifies a variety of prohibited conduct, including human trafficking. Additionally, in our standard terms and conditions, we require our suppliers to certify that they have and will continue to comply with the provisions of all federal, state, and applicable foreign and international laws and regulations, which include the Fair Labor Standards Act and laws and regulations prohibiting slavery and human trafficking. Our terms and conditions also require that our suppliers certify that all goods and services furnished will be manufactured, marked, and furnished in accordance with any applicable provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act and any other applicable rule, regulation, or standard issued by state or federal agencies.

While AMERICAN does not currently conduct supplier audits or employee training specifically targeted at slavery and human trafficking issues, we reserve the right to retain an independent third party (or request that a particular supplier retain one reasonably acceptable to us) to audit any supplier’s compliance with applicable law in these areas, provide both our supplier and us with written certification of the supplier’s compliance, and identify any areas for potential improvement. We also hold our own employees accountable for compliance with these laws. Employees who fail to follow our corporate policies, procedures, or rules are subject to disciplinary actions, up to and including termination. AMERICAN will investigate any reported incidents of non-compliance with slavery and human trafficking laws and deal appropriately and decisively in the event that non-compliance is verified.

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